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((In case you're wondering i removed the GBA journal, because the rps in there were too repetitive :/ ))


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miniature hero
Link is a young boy living at the south of Hyrule. After his best friend, princess Zelda was turned into a stone by Vaati, he was chosen to ge to an adventure to break the curse. During his adventure, he met Ezlo at the minish woods, a bird-deaded talking hat, after reascuing him from two octorocks. After this, he joined him in his quest. He then realizes that He, as well as Vaati, are actually minish, but Vaati stole the minish cap, a magical hat ceated by Ezlo, but that Vaati used to become a wizard and cast a curse on him. Link is well equipped with a shield and a sword, along with other items. He also has the hability to shrink down to a very tiny size or become normal sized with the help of special portals, which mainly have the shapes of rocks, stumps or vases. While tiny, he can also talk to animals


Link is a kind hearted boy, always willing to help those in need for help. He oftenly called cute when he's tiny, which he likes. He's however, a bit womanizer, so girls, watch out. He's also a bit pervy at times, so he tends to look up girls' skirts/dresses while minish sized, so watch out, girls.


Link has blonde hair, light blue eyes and long pointy ears. He wears Ezlo, his bird headed talking hat, on his head. He also wears a light green long sleeved shirt, covered by a green sleeveless tunic. He wears a brown belt, white pants and orange boots.


1 meter, 30 centimeters (normal sized)

13 centimeters (minish sized)






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